Terms of Use


1. General

a) The contract does not take effect until a written confirmation of booking has been despatched to the hirer.

b) VAT Charges are currently zero rated but should this situation alter, then VAT would be chargeable

2. Delays, Curtailment or Cancellation

The operator shall not be responsible for the consequences of delays, restrictions or cancellation of cruising due to obstructions, repairs or damage to navigation works, flooding, shortage of water, industrial action, weather or other cause outside his control. In all cases, the Captain is in sole charge of the vessel throughout the trip and his decision is final.

In this case of the trip having to be  cancelled the operator will attempt to offer an alternative cruise at a later date.

d) The vessel is licensed by the Department of Transport to carry 110 passengers and this limit must under no circumstances be exceeded. A passenger is defined in law as any person over one year of age.

e) Passengers are advised to keep heads, arms, etc. Completely within the vessel at all times and no responsibility will be accepted by the loss or damage resulting.

f) The contract is made in England and is governed by English Law.

3. Charter Balance of Hire

a) The hirer is liable for the whole of the balance. In the event that he is unable to take up the booking he must notify the operator immediately. The hirer will remain liable for the whole of the balance. In such cases the operator will only forfeit the booking fee.

b) The balance of hire is due prior to the cruise

4. Scheduled

a) Group bookings are for a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 60 persons per departure.

b) Children under 3 must be declared at the time of the ticket purchase.

c) Passengers must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure time.

d) Seats not taken up 5 minutes prior to departure time will be resold.

e) Tickets will only be issued upon receipt of a booking form and full payment and will only be valid for the trip booked. They must be produced at the time of boarding.

5. Bookings

Provisional bookings will be held for 14 days, after which they must be confirmed by completion of the booking form, to be sent with the appropriate fee.